ELDOA Classes & Certification Courses, Greater Toronto, Ontario

Try a session at our Thornhill Studio or become a certified instructor

Thornhill’s Infinite Healing offers weekly ELDOA classes and certification courses to student-practitioners in Thornhill – just north of Toronto. Our classes and certification follow the guiding principles of Dr. Guy VOYER DO, the creator of ELDOA. 

To become a practitioner, choose from an introductory course or an advanced certification course – depending on your experience. You can start with a 2-day introductory ELDOA instruction if you have no formal training or select a more advanced course according to your needs.

Not sure where to start?

What is ELDOA?
Osteopathic exercises for stretching & strengthening the spine

ELDOA is a revolutionary spine stretching and strengthening technique created by the renowned French osteopath Guy VOYER, DO. Each posture, or ELDOA, is carefully designed to “expand the space” within a precise joint or a segment of the spine using myofascial tension and muscle contraction.

During a class, you may practice ELDOAs for each spinal segment as well as your shoulders, hips, ribs and skull.

The ELDOA postures stretch and decompress an individual spinal segment while strengthening the deep spinal muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, placing them in the exact position to open/de-coapt that specific spinal segment.

Regular ELDOA practice is unlike anything else and will change all aspects of how you move and feel. It will improve your joint mobility and performance by repairing problems at their source.

How the ELDOA technique helps your body

Students say that after one class they have experienced many benefits including:

Meet Your Certified ELDOA Trainers

Hajnal Laszlo

Hajnal Laszlo

Hajnal is a certified ELDOA™ Trainer—one of only 100 or so certified trainers worldwide—and has been practicing as a RMT for over 25 years. She studied Myofascial Stretching and Global Postural Stretching with Guy VOYER and has been teaching ELDOA in Private, Semi-Private and Group classes since 2013 ...
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Bob Bowers

Bob Bowers

Bob is a Certified ELDOA™ Trainer—one of approximately 100 ELDOA Trainers worldwide—a Physical Preparation coach, a certified Thai Massage practitioner and bodyworker. He is also a Certified Life Coach, a TRX® Suspension Training Sports Medicine Specialist and a Functional Aging Specialist ...
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