Life Coaching

provided by Hajnal Laszlo

How Can a Life Coach Help?

As a Certified Life Coach, Hajnal coaches you through transformation towards a happier more fulfilling life. Her practical, individualized plans guide you from where you are to where you wish to be and how you wish to feel.

Awareness Is Key

Life Coaching includes Meditation to quiet the mind, creating a greater awareness and control of the intricacies in one’s life.

Hajnal has found that by guiding one through a deeper understanding of the role of different brain wave frequencies through the different meditative stages; one can make better choices that best fit one’s lifestyle whether it is a change in activity, nutrition or stress management.

Brain Wave Frequencies

Beta-(12-30 Hz),

  • Too much Beta Waves result to: Anxiety, Adrenaline, High Arousal, Inability to Relax, Stress
  •  Too little Beta waves result to: ADHD, daydreaming, depression, poor cognition
  • Optimal Beta Waves result to: Conscious focus, memory, problem solving

Alpha-(8-12 Hz),

  • Too much Alpha Waves result to: Daydreaming, inability to focus, too relaxed
  • Too little Alpha Waves result to: Anxiety, High Stress, Insomnia, OCD
  • Optimal Alpha Waves result to: Relaxation, Healing, Flow State

Theta-(4-8 Hz), 

  • Too much Theta Waves result to: ADHD, depression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness
  • Too little Theta Waves result to: Anxiety, poor emotional awareness, stress
  • Optimal Theta Waves result to: Flow State, Creativity, emotional connection, intuition, relaxation

Delta-(1-4 Hz),   

  • Too much Delta Waves result to: Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD
  • Too little Delta Waves result to: Inability to rejuvenate body, inability to revitalize the brain, poor sleep
  • Optimal Delta Waves result to: Immune System, natural healing, restorative sleep / deep sleep

Gamma-(30-70 Hz) and High Gamma-(70-150 Hz)

  • Too much Gamma Waves result to: Anxiety, High Arousal, Stress
  • Too little Gamma Waves result to: ADHD, Depression, Learning Disabilities
  • Optimal Gamma Waves result to: Binding Senses, cognition, information processing, learning, perception, REM sleep

Life Coaching will not only highlight your individual strengths and values but also empower you to best achieve lifelong health and well-being.

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