Bob Bowers

Bob has been committed to sport and fitness his entire life evolving from player, coach, organizer, fitness trainer and manager to physical preparation coach and wellness practitioner. He is one of approximately 100 ELDOA™ Trainers worldwide, a certified Thai Massage practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a TRX® Suspension Training Sports Medicine Specialist and a Functional Aging Specialist. He also holds certifications in Russian Kettlebells and is an expert in off-court physical preparation for squash.

Bob served 27 years with the Canadian Air Force; serving tours in anti-submarine warfare (ASW), instructing at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE) and working in the NATO Airborne Early Warning Force (NAEWF) including service in the First Gulf War and conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Trained as an avionics technician, his military profession required continuous learning whether it was a new electronic system, a new aircraft or learning how to teach others.

Bob transferred that passion for learning into the game of squash and he became one of the Canadian Forces (CF) finest squash players. In 1982 he started coaching squash and in 1994 transitioned into off-court physical preparation coach for Canada’s top professional and junior players.

For over 12 years he served as the Physical Preparation Coach at Canada’s National Squash Training Centre where his primary role included developing and overseeing all components of physical preparation for many of Canada’s elite and developing squash players.

His studies continued as he sought out the most effective training methodologies to prevent injuries and enhance performance to optimize the success of his athletes. Bob was drawn to learn from renowned leaders in athletic physical preparation and soft tissue modalities.

Bob mentored under physical preparation guru Ian King and continued his education studying with the highly successful strength coach, the late Charles Poliquin. He completed intensive courses with the CHEK institute to gain knowledge of corrective exercise and became a fully certified Active Release Techniques (ART®) practitioner. Further certification in ART® Biomechanics and Nerve Entrapment followed as well as studies under Thomas Myers in structural bodywork.

Bob was an integral part of Canada’s best-ever run in international squash; with an unprecedented 2nd place at the men’s world team championships in 1997 and an individual world champion in 1998.

More recently Bob has continued to work with the world’s top squash players at Toronto’s National Squash Academy (NSA) and, with NSA closure in Feb 2016, continues to work with elite and developing juniors.

Bob has worked with clients and athletes of all ages and abilities. His roles have included training, program design, treating chronic conditions and providing postural, corrective and pre-competition soft tissue treatments. His clients range from recreational to Olympic level and professional athletes in a myriad of sports and activities including squash, tennis, triathlon, marathon, sailing, ice hockey, field hockey, martial arts, grappling, baseball, kayaking, canoeing, yoga and golf.

He continues to seek out the world’s best to develop his skills and has recently studied Bioenergy Therapy with Mr. Zdenko Domancic in Bled, Slovenia.

Discovering ELDOA in 2012, Bob felt compelled to study this powerful work and, in Nov 2017, successfully certified as an ELDOA Trainer. He has been studying in the Somatraining program under renowned French osteopathic doctor Guy VOYER since 2013.

Dr. VOYER`s work has become the foundation of his own personal fitness and of his group training and individual treatment sessions.

Bob lives in Thornhill, Ontario with his partner, Hajnal Laszlo.

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