As practitioners, coaches and trainers, we’ve been working with all ages for decades; from everyday people to world champion athletes. We have found that the ELDOA exercises are the most powerful thing we’ve come across for our own, as well as our clients’ health, wellness and performance.

What is ELDOA™?

Osteopathic exercises for stretching & strengthening the spine

ELDOA is a revolutionary spine stretching and strengthening technique created by the renowned French osteopath Guy VOYER, D. O.. Regular ELDOA practice is unlike anything else and will change all aspects of how you move and feel. It will improve your joint mobility and performance by repairing problems at their source.

In other words, the ELDOA postures stretch and decompress an individual spinal segment while strengthening the deep spinal muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, placing them in the exact position to open/de-coapt that specific spinal segment.

Feel Great with ELDOA

ELDOA is a unique approach that has transformed our clients by not only addressing pain and healing the body; it helps to integrate a complete living system; your mind, body and soul.

You are your own best therapist


If you already feel great, ELDOA will make you feel and move even better! ELDOA will improve your sport and lifestyle performance, no matter what the sport, activity or even when you’re chilling out. Regardless of a person’s flexibility or strength, anyone can do ELDOA and everyone benefits from it.

This powerful, effective tool will give you the ability to restore yourself. Its sustainable methods will enable you to move with strength and purpose.

The origins of ELDOA

For some people, their first exposure or awareness of ELDOA may be that it’s another fitness class similar to yoga or stretching. ELDOA was actually developed by Guy VOYER, D. O. over 40 years in a clinical setting as he was researching a resolution for back pain.

ELDOA is a French acronym (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire) that translates into English as LOADS (Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches.)

With the use of a statokinesiogram and stabilogram before and after the practice of the ELDOA, Dr. VOYER was able to confirm objectively the normalization of the selected Functional Spinal Unit (FSU). X-ray imaging was also used to track the progress of over 2000 patients practicing ELDOA. Increases in space of half a millimeter between two selected vertebrae were noted after patients performed an ELDOA daily for those two vertebrae over a six week period .

These postural exercises are very precise when done correctly and will transform all aspects of how one moves and feels.  

How ELDOA works

Each vertebra forms a complex joint with the vertebra above and below called a Functional Spinal Unit or “FSU” for short.

The functional spinal unit consists of 2 adjacent vertebra, the inter vertebral disc and the nerves exiting the foramen

The basic principle at work during an ELDOA consists of creating a position that will target a specific functional spinal unit. The inferior segment is fixed while the superior segment is mobilized. The position is created to place all inferior and superior myofascial chains under tension.

The Benefits of ELDOA

As ELDOA creates space within the joints, there is:

  • an improvement in joint mechanics,
  • increased blood flow,
  • reduced pressure on the inter-vertebral discs,
  • spinal disc re-hydration,
  • increased muscle tone and awareness,
  • metabolic and hormonal balance,
  • normalization of the myofascial tensions,
  • lessening of pain,
  • better posture,
  • improved sleep,
  • and an increased sense of well-being.

Would you like to offer ELDOA™ sessions as part of your company’s wellness program? Contact us for more details.

We also teach ELDOA Certification courses

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