ELDOA™ Therapy

provided by Hajnal Laszlo & Bob Bowers

In ELDOA™ Therapy, the patient is given an evaluation and then works one-on-one with the ELDOA™ practitioner to become proficient with the prescribed specific exercises.

The auto-normalization of the ELDOA exercises requires a combination of the active effort of the patient and the guided sensitive hand of the practitioner, which is constantly listening to the reactions of the tissues and their compensations.

The ELDOA exercise was developed by Guy VOYER, D. O. over 40 years in a clinical setting as he was researching a cure for back pain. After years of study and clinical practice, it became clear that giving patients the tools to correct their own pain was far more effective than treating the symptoms of their pain.

Consequently, after the preliminary work, the patient is given a regular home practice, with the goal of mastery of the ELDOA. This is what will make the most significant long term improvement in one’s condition.

For that reason, the philosophy of the ELDOA is, “You are your own best therapist.”

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